Our fees are below the AMA scheduled fee, and we believe them to be very reasonable for the service we provide. Medicare rebates are available with a valid referral, and will cover a large portion of the fees.

The practice participates in medicare online billing. If you have your bank account details registered with Medicare, then your claim can be submitted electronically for you at the time of your visit.

Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) patients are bulk billed.

A pensioner/concession discount is available.

Fees for bone marrow biopsy and chemotherapy treatments

Our haematologists do not charge a gap for chemotherapy or infusion treatments, bone marrow biopsies, or inpatient visits for privately insured patients. Patients receiving chemotherapy are classed as admitted day patients. Patients need to check with their insurer to ensure that they are covered as an admitted patient for chemotherapy items (item numbers for insurer are listed below).

Chemotherapy/haematology item numbers
  • Chemotherapy administration - 13950
  • Line (PICC/port) related item numbers - 14221
  • Blood product transfusion - 13706
  • Venesection - 13757
  • Lumbar puncture (for chemotherapy) - 18232
  • Bone marrow aspirate + biopsy - 30084 + 30087
Uninsured bone marrow biopsy patients

For patients without health insurance there is an out of pocket of approximately $45. Uninsured patients who wish to have their bone marrow as an admitted day patient (under procedural sedation) will incur a fee from the hospital and the anaesthetist.

Uninsured patients can have their bone marrow biopsy performed by our haematologists in the procedure room at Sullivan Nicoladies Pathology (St Andrew's Hospital, Toowoomba) without any admission fee. Procedural sedation is not available at Sullivan Nicolaides. The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic. Additionally, patients may elect to obtain a Penthrox inhaler (also known as the 'Green Whistle') from their pharmacy. The pharmacy charge is approximately $60 for the Penthrox inhaler (no PBS rebate available). Many patients find Penthrox to be quite an effective form of pain relief during the bone marrow procedure.

Iron infusions
  • The combined out of pocket for the consultation with the haematologist as well as the infusion is approximately $150. A concession/pensioner discount is also available.
  • Patients are required to fill a prescription for their iron before attending. This is paid directly to the pharmacy. The cost is currently around $6.60 for health care care holders, or up to $36 for those without a concession (price may vary between pharmacies)
  • For venesections only - monitoring of their condition undertaken by referring GP, haematologist or gastroenterologist
    $100 out of pocket venesection registration fee every 12-months. All venesections for the remainder of the year are bulk billed.
  • Where Toowoomba Haematology is monitoring and managing the underlying condition
    Venesections are bulk billed, but the regular haematology consult fee applies.