Toowoomba Haematology

Haematology (blood, bleeding and clotting disorders) and Blood Oncology (blood cancer)

Toowoomba Haematology is a boutique specialist medical practice with expertise in the management of all facets of Haematology (blood cancers and other blood disorders).

Toowoomba Haematology was founded in 2017 by Dr Joel Collins. The goal was to create a specialist haematology practice operated and run from Toowoomba. Dr Collins' initial training was as a rural generalist, and our initial goal was to provide a high quality haematology service focusing on the specific needs and challenges faced by patients coming from regional Queensland and New South Wales.

However, it soon became apparent that Toowoomba hosted a large cohort of motivated and highly experienced specialist, generalist and nursing colleagues that could actually support a Haematology practice operating at the level of that found in a capital city.

Thus the journey began to create a Haematology practice that could offer the same services locally that could be found in Brisbane. This goal continues to be realised. We were very pleased to undertake the treatment of the first patients with leukaemia locally (with curative intent) starting in 2020.

Over time we’ve continued to grow to meet the needs of our local community. In 2021 we commenced operation of our iron infusion, anaemia and venesection clinic to support all patients who need rapid access to these services. The service was designed to target patients who have traditionally found it difficult to access these services in a simple or timely manner, such as those without health insurance, patients who are pregnant and also young people/adolescents.

We welcomed Emma (RN) to our practice in early 2021 who works in an advanced practice nursing capacity supporting our patients through their diagnosis and treatment. Emma also runs our infusion and venesection service

In 2022 we became a group practice with the addition of Dr Marcus Dickey as our second haematologist. Dr Dickey undertook significant portions of both his basic and advanced training in Toowoomba, and has now settled into the Toowoomba area on a permanent basis with his family.

Our main aim at Toowoomba Haematology is to draw on our internal expertise to manage patients locally, avoiding the need for the vast majority of patients to relocate to Brisbane for their treatment.